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"In the development of a quality, customer- driven, on-time delivered new product, ....every day counts!"  Jim Mansour, Ph.D. 

For the past 16 years, Jim Mansour's career, commitment and passion has been focused on the establishment of excellent Program Management Office, Program Management, and New Product Development practices, with the focused objective of growing various medical diagnostic / instrument businesses.

For the past 16 years, Jim Mansour's career commitment and passion have been focused on the establishment of excellent PMO, PM, and NPD practices, with the direct intent of growing various medical diagnostic / instrument businesses. This commitment and knowledge set has been demonstrated since 1996 with Jim's various Director level Program Management positions, starting with Johnson & Johnson's LifeScan division, followed by similar leadership program management roles with Bayer Molecular, Ventana Medical Systems, and culminating with a Sr. Director, Program Management position with Becton Dickinson Biosciences. In these roles, Jim established and fostered strong PMO organizations that comprised up to 16 program managers located at multiple locations which successfully launched extension, platform, and break through new products that drove important new product revenue for each organization. Jim introduced multiple "enterprise" project management tools for scheduling, resource management and portfolio management that resulted in strong / effective / well-respected PMOs that worked collaboratively with company culture and all functional departments.

A scientist by training, Jim earned a Master's degree in Biology / Bacteriology and a Doctorate's degree in Biology / Biochemistry from Boston College and spent two years in a post-doctorate position at Albert Einstein College of Medicine studying Molecular Biology. He joined Becton Dickinson immediately thereafter for a 15 year period where he focused on technology development, before diversifying his knowledge base to include five years of tactical program management and five years of marketing experience.

Jim holds five patents and numerous publications from these initial service years, and has acquired valuable, hands-on program management skills through the launching of numerous new products and the marketing expertise required for successful commercialization. In summary, Jim's career has resulted in a unique understanding and knowledge of the entire new product development process - Innovation, Product Development Process, and Commercialization Readiness.



Jim Mansour, Ph.D. - Background

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